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Jack Vettriano lifts the lid on the creative process

Jack Vettriano has decided to respond to his critics of his art by lifting the lid on his creative processes . He is planning to write a book as he paints his next works of art which will be exhibited in 2008 “I’m not trying to write an artist’s manual but I think it will be interesting for people to get some insight into how the works come together,” he said. “The idea is that I’d find someone to come and watch me and interview me as I work, so that it can be written from an outside perspective, and there will be lots of photographs to accompany it. “I’d like it to cover things like how I choose my models, how I get them to sit for me, what I ask them to wear, how I use the photographs I take, that sort of thing. “The book would cover the whole process of the work.” “The story of how I got started as an artist has been told many times so it won’t cover that ground so much. But everyone thinks they know everything there is to know already. That’s not the case,” he added. Richard Calvocoressi, director of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, had described Vettriano as “an indifferent painter” who based his success on “cheap commercial reproductions”. Patrick Elliott, a senior curator, had described Vettriano’s painting technique as “poor”.


Harbour by Andrew Macara – limited edition print

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