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Beryl Cook exhibition at Baltic Centre, Cook Art

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This week a new exhibition of Beryl Cook art opens at the Baltic Centre in Gateshead
Peter Doroshenko, an American, has curated an exhibition by Beryl Cook, famous for her depictions of portly, fun-loving ladies and gentlemen of a certain age. That decision, however, has drawn fire from art critics who look down their noses at artists like Cook. Regional arts expert William Varley is a scathing critic of The Baltic’s artistic policy. He said: “They must be panic-stricken at the lack of numbers, so they swing from remote concepts with no artistic reward to Beryl Cook. Showing Beryl Cook flies in the face of everything. Next thing they will be showing that Scotsman with the Italian name [Jack Vettriano].” The gallery, a converted flourmill which has no permanent collection, was designed to be a “Tate of the North” when it opened in 2002. While visitor numbers are higher than expected, the problem is that locals don’t visit.
Beryl Cook silkscreen prints
Beryl Cook paintings

Baltic Mill