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Buying art online

game of life

The Game of Life by Jack Vettriano

In the Guardian online arts section collecting ” expert” Louisa Buck gives her do’s and don’ts for buying art
How do you know what’s good and what’s not? Probably take everything Miss Buck says and do the opposite
” Although many contemporary artists still paint, sculpt and draw, the more traditional standards of beauty and skill no longer necessarily apply. ” ?? Really ? Not in this neck of the woods.
Scottish painter Jack Vettriano, he of the dancing couples and greetings cards, might be Britain’s “most popular” artist, but he is largely shunned by the art world. ” So a million art lovers a year are wrong about Vettriano and Miss Buck is right ? I don’t think so “The canvases of Peter Doig, on the other hand, which also feature enigmatic figures in landscapes and command awesome prices, are frantically sought after by collectors and galleries. ” Yes , Peter Who ?

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