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Dancing With Vettriano – the musical

private Dancer
Private Dancer
Cardinal Newman College Limelights’ outstanding new theatrical creation is Dancing with Vettriano .

Dancing With Vettriano focuses on a young woman who tries to live her life through the art of Scottish modern painter Jack Vettriano.

When she takes the fantasy and tries to transport it to her own wedding plans, her reality moves to the thrilling and dangerous world behind the paintings.

The cast’s two leading ladies worked perfectly together to ensure the audience feel their hopes, passions and dissapointments through song and dance.

As always, the Limelights’ fusion of dramatic acting, singing and dancing effortlessly create a sensual and personal performance to mirror the painting style of the man who influenced it.

Innovative and creative, Pete Hartley’s new musical is pure entertainment whilst maintaining a charmingly abstract and surreal quality that only college theatre companies have