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New Vettriano painting

Jack Vettriano has revealed he is working on a painting inspired by the love song Saint Jude’s Infirmary sent him. He liked the track so much he agreed to appear in the video of the song. Jack Vettriano said: “It’s a really brilliant song. At my age, there are very few songs and very little music which can do for me what that song did. But this song, it’s all about the pain we feel falling in and out of love, the desire and then the greater pain when your heart gets broken. “I was, I confess, going through something of that situation when I heard it. I am always in a bit of a state that way; it’s the way I am. But my saving grace is that I work better when in emotional turmoil. I’m going to do a painting to match this song because it deserves it.” The lyrics that impressed Vettriano were – “It’s red and its bloody, clenched tight like a fist / love is tattooed on its knuckle, cut here along its wrist. And it’s lonely and strong and still it beats on / though I know not why, not why now your love is gone. “Sometimes it feels it echoes like a ghost / sometimes I can’t believe that I should play host to something as useless as a heart / to something so redundant since we did part.”