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Rare Vettriano for sale at auction

Jack Vettriano has unveiled his interpretation of how fictional detective Inspector Rebus might look . The postcard-sized picture, entitled Rebus Incognito, is to go under the hammer at Shapes auction house in Edinburgh in September.
Rare Vettriano is for sale at auction

The little-known painting by Fife artist Jack Vettriano shows Rebus standing under an umbrella, wearing a panama hat. It was painted in May 2000 after Vettriano discovered the writer Ian Rankin was a fan of his work. The work is expected to be sold for £2000 to £3000 when it goes up for auction next month.

It is being sold by a woman in Fife, who is believed to have bought it at a charity auction. Vettriano decided to paint the famous detective after being invited to see an exhibition of postcard art at Kirkcaldy Museum.One of the postcards, created by Ian Rankin, was entitled “Things I like about Kirkcaldy”, and included Vettriano’s name in the list. Pleased that Rankin admired his work, Vettriano wanted to reciprocate the gesture, and painted Rebus.

Shapes auctioneers said: ” it is very typical of a Vettriano. He’s meant to be incognito, keeping a low profile as he watches something. “It’s good to have a bit of mystery surrounding him.” Vettriano, who comes from Fife, is often snubbed by the art establishment, and was last year forced to defend his use of illustrators’ guides as inspiration for some of his best-known paintings. One of his most famous works Dance Me to the End of Love, which has sold millions in poster and postcard form, sold for a whopping £346,832 at Shapes in March. Mr Howard added: “We’ve given it an estimate of between £2000 and £3000, which is quite conservative. “It is a nice story behind it, with a lot of local links, so we’re expecting it to sell well. “Ian Rankin and Jack Vettriano are both big names internationally, so although this might appeal to someone from Edinburgh or the surrounding area, it wouldn’t surprise me if international collectors were interested too.” The auction of collectors’ items is due to take place on September 2 at Shapes auction house on Bankhead Avenue, Sighthill.

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