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Falkirk Mod 2008

The National Mod 2008 has started this week in Falkirk . The Mod is a Gaelic festival of traditional music with a prestigious gold medal for the best in each category . To some ‘The Mod is coming home’ might seem a curious slogan to use as the Mod has never been held in Falkirk before however the slogan arises from the annual Trysts that were held in Falkirk over the centuries where drovers and cattle dealers from all over the Highlands and Islands would converge on the town to buy and sell their livestock. The Mod is Coming Home because the whole concept of the Highland Gathering had originated in Falkirk.The local organising commmittee for the Falkirk Mod 2008 has officially launched the Mod Fringe – a series of musical and cultural events (many of which are free) that will appeal to the local community and the estimated 10,000 visitors expected to attend the event between 10th and 18th October this year. Some of the musical highlights include: Live music from bands such as Skerryvore; The Red Hot Chilli Pipers; Skipinnish and many others across a number of venues in the town, A Fiddlers Rally at Falkirk Town Hall, Ceilidhs featuring established and local musicians, Pipebands and live musical performances in the town centre. Photogold has teamed up with Scottish screensavers to produce a special edition screensaver for the Falkirk Mod 2008 . Visit Scottish Screensavers for the Falkirk Mod screensaver