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How to Get a Perfect Photo All Day

As someone who enjoys photography, your skills have to be flexible. If you are professional, it’s
imperative that you can do a shoot at any time of the day, in the case that you are booked and can’t
choose a time you’d prefer to shoot. While there are more times in the day that are not optimal than
times that are, there is always a way around any tough-shooting environment.

It’s important to remember, however, that although the time of day plays a significant factor in this
obstacle, the type of camera you have will dictate whether or not you are successful in navigating
around the problems.

Although there are a number of brands on the market, Canon cameras are a good choice for the
professional and newbie, alike. suggests they’re among the best because
of, “consistency in their lineup. For instance, the Digic II processor that is at the heart of their $5000
models is the same processor that is at the heart of their $200 models.”

So grab your camera, Canon or not, and start testing some of these techniques.


Some of the most stunning photos are of the sun rising. Whether you’re a newbie photographer or a
seasoned veteran, you’ve tried to capture the majesty of a prefect sunrise. Do you find that they just
don’t come out quite right? If you can’t seem to successfully capture the scene, consider these tips.

Tripod: Use a tripod to steady your shot. Allow the camera to do all the work, since you don’t
need to be moving.
Place the horizon: In a sunset shot, this might be one of the most important aspects. It’s best
to place the horizon toward the bottom of the photo, which will avoid putting a divider in the
middle of the picture.
Frame something: To eek every pop of color out of the sunset, frame an object against it; a tree
branch coming in from the side, a sailboat down in the water, a couple sitting together. The dark
silhouette will enhance very fleck of gold and orange.


Bright sunlight presents a serious problem; photos taken in this light risk being underexposed or too
light. However, in the case that you’ll be photographing between 10am and 4pm, when the sun is
brightest, there are a number of tactics you can utilize to ensure a quality photo.

Exposure: Set your camera to manual and utilize photo bracketing. This mode will take multiple
shots in a row, using various exposures. This will allow you to see which one works best in that
Filters: Consider purchasing a UV filler for your camera to make the photo appear darker.
Spot metering: By utilizing this tool, you can force your camera to focus on the most important
aspect of the photo, and give it the correct exposure.


Isn’t it always the problem that you see something beautiful at night, like a lit up skyline, but can never
seem to capture it. Simply turning off the flash results in a dark, sloppy picture, but leaving it on ruins
the whole scene. Next time, try one or more of these suggestions.

A lens hood: This will help minimize that pesky flash.
ISO: suggest, “Try starting with a low ISO speed to maintain clarity and
reduce noise.”
Cable release: By setting your camera to go off moments after you hit the shutter button, you
avoid any issues with stability or movement.

Next time you head out for some beautiful photos, remember these tips. Don’t be held back when
inspiration hits; be ready to capture the moment. No matter what camera you have in hand or where
the sun is sitting in the sky, these tried and true tactics will lead to a perfect photo.

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Peploe’s Coffee Pot smashes Vettriano’s record for Scottish art

A painting Still Life with Coffee Pot has broken the record price for Scottish art.
Scottish Colourist Samuel John Peploe’s painting fetched nearly £1 million,  breaking the record set seven years ago by Jack Vettriano with his famous The Singing Butler.
The painting was sold yesterday to a UK private collector at Christie’s in London.
Christie’s British and Scottish pictures expert Andre Zlattinger said: “It’s a masterpiece by him, a fabulous picture, and a great result.”
The price for the 1905 painting, including the buyer’s premium, was £937,250. The previous record for a work by Peploe was £623,650 for Tulips, sold by Sotheby’s in London last year. The Peploe was painted in 1905 while he was still under the influence of Manet and before he became obsessed with bright colour, was a still life with silver coffee pot, which sold for a record £937,250 to art adviser Susannah Pollen. Record prices for L S Lowry and Stanley Spencer claimed the headlines of last week’s 20th-century British Art auctions in London as Christie’s posted the highest ever total for a sale in that category – £17.9 million. A collector bought LS Lowry’s The Football Match (1947) for £5.6 million

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Valentine Rose by Jack Vettriano

 Valentine Rose print by Jack VettrianoJack Vettriano is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year in a special way with the publication of a limited edition print of his Valentine Rose. Jack Vettriano has donated edition number 1/100 to a  fund-raising auction for Maggie’s Cancer Care , which is to take place on Friday 11th February at The Old Course Hotel in St Andrews. Limited Edition Giclee Print
20 x 16.5ins Framed size: 31.0 x 28.5ins,
Published in 2011,
Paper: 350 gsm Museum Etching paper paper ,
Edition Size: 100 + 10 Artist’s Proofs,
Signed and numbered by the artist. This limited edition print is available framed and unframed. This image was first  published as a silkscreen print

in March 2003 .
Image Size: 27 7/8 x 22 1/4 inches, 70.8 x 56.5 cms

Paper Size: 35 x 28 1/2 inches, 88.9 x 72.4 cms Paper: 400 gsm Velin Arches Blanc

Published in March 2003

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New Beryl Cook exhibition

Much loved artist Beryl Cook has a new exhibition in Radlett , Herfordshire this month. There have not been many exhibitions of her work since her untimely death in 2008.The Beryl Cook exhibition, held annually at the McNeil Gallery, in Watling Street, contains much of the artist’s older prints and “very rare editions”.
Famous for her depictions of large women out on the town, Beryl Cook’s work is sold all over the world.
Gallery Owner Beverly McNeil said: “Victoria Wood is to word as Beryl is to image.”
The exhibition runs from January 15-21, opening times are 10.30am-5.30pm Monday to Saturday, and 12pm-4pm on Sunday.

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Scottish National Portrait Gallery closes for major revamp

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is to undergo a major revamp, a scheme entitled Portrait of a Nation, which will “renovate and rejuvenate” the gallery in a plan that has already gained £5.1m from the Scottish Government. The Grade A-listed building in the New Town on Queen Street was erected as the world’s first purpose-built portrait gallery, opening in 1889 after being designed by architect Sir Robert Rowand Anderson, but much of its space remains unused and unseen to the public.The Portrait of the Nation scheme will open up and restore large areas of the building in order to create 50% more gallery space.

A range of new services for visitors, including an education suite, learning centre and improved restaurant and shop, will be joined by new displays and exhibitions and all three floors of the building will be refurbished to better show the body of 30,000 works that is in its collection.

The gallery closes next week, marked by a Farewell Festival on April 4 and 5, and will reopen in 2011 – in the meantime £6m needs to be found to complete the redevelopment, while some of its more famous works will be shown in the National Gallery and the Dean Gallery.
A Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant of £4.4 million will go towards the £17.6m cost of the project, which aims to double gallery space and visitor numbers.
The renovated building will have a dedicated education suite, auditorium, IT gallery and research centre.
The revamp is expected to take up to two-and-a-half years. The gallery will close on Sunday so the work can begin.
The building which houses Scotland’s national portrait collection opened in 1889, and has been described as an architectural masterpiece.
The renovation project, called Portrait of the Nation, will increase the number of items displayed by 350%, allowing the gallery to display many more of its 30,000 portraits and photographs.

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Selling art online with Photogold

Photogold is the UK’s first online art gallery. It was established in September 1998 . Photogold E-commerce now offers website packages for artists who want to start selling their work online. Photogold can set up an art blog to establish an artist’s presence online and offer prints and paintings for sale .A blog is a web log or online journal

What are the advantages of a blog ?

each post is automatically sent to blog directories and search engines , including Google Blogsearch , and can be found almost instantly
you can develop your own network or community online
a blog can promote a brand in a subtle and effective way
you can offer your products for sale from a built-in shopping cart in the blog
a blog can be designed in a search engine friendly way to maximise the number of visitors
A blog must be unique and most of its uniqueness can come from the personality of the blogger.Photogold offers a blog set up and design service for companies – Total cost £250
– your own unique domain
– hosting for one year
– layout and theme of your choice – choose from thousands of different designs
– Built in shopping cart to take orders online
– registration with Google Blog Search and Technorati , the 2 biggest online blog directories plus submission to 50 other directories

more details of art blogs

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The painting , the Earl and the taxman

A miniature portrait of John Hampden, a cousin of Oliver Cromwell and a leading Parliamentarian in the English Civil War, is being valued by Sotheby’s auctioneers. The painting is by the 17th Century artist Samuel Cooper and it could well be worth around £500,000.Earlier this month, two gamekeepers at the Earl’s magnificent Althorp estate in Northamptonshire surprised both their employer and the art world when they chanced upon the work during a metal-detecting expedition.The taxman may investigate this find to establish any tax die on it

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Oil Paintings – Rolf Harris Painting for sale

Blue Elvis , Rolf Harris, limited edition prints
Rolf Harris, Blue Elvis oil painting on canvas, 27 x 27 inches Rolf Harris’s original painting Blue Elvis is for sale

Interest should be very high, particularly given that yesterday was the 30th anniversary of Elvis’s death. A limited edition print of Blue Elvis was published last month. The canvas print has already sold out and very few of the paper prints are still available, such is the popularity of the image.

Viewing is available by appointment.